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Some functions in an overview


100% web-based. This means that you only use our software with your existing web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and many more.
There is no need to install the software on the workstations and at the same time you can access the software from anywhere you have internet access. An optimal solution, especially for homeoffice.


No matter whether night, Saturday or Sunday surcharges or even industry-specific surcharges, overtime surcharges and many more. 

The Krutec WEB time recording enables you to design surcharges individually and even to link them to conditions.


An automatic shift detection ensures that your employees are always assigned to a shift. Whether it's an early, late or night shift or even an intermediate shift. The Krutec WEB Time Attendance automatically recognizes which shift your employee gets.

Alternatively you also have the option of permanently assigning shifts. If your employee will not fit into the assigned shift, you will receive a notification from the Time Attendance. In addition, you can plan your employees with the Krutec WEB Personnel Planning. You can find out more about Krutec WEB personnel planning here.


Regardless of whether your employees book the breaks or they are automatically deducted or calculated against each other, with the Krutec WEB Time Attendance the breaks are automatically deducted from surcharges, cost centers and projects.

GDPR, German law and ECJ compliant

The Krutec WEB Time Attendance works GDPR and ECJ compliant and observes the applicable laws from the "Arbeitzeitgesetz" in germany. Because of our own development, we can react to changes of the law and can provide our customers with this software update.

On-Premises / SaaS

Sie entscheiden, ob Sie unsere Software lokal auf Ihrem Server installiert haben wollen oder bei uns gehostet oder komplett bei uns in der Cloud. Sie erhalten in allen Fällen, egal wofür Sie sich entscheiden, die gleiche Software.

25 years of experience

Mit über 25 Jahren Erfahrung sind wir mit allen Regelungen, die eine Zeit- und Projekterfassung mit sich bringen muss, vertraut. Durch die individuellen Einstellmöglichkeiten haben sich so immer alle Regelungen und Wünsche unserer Kunden abbilden lassen.


The Krutec WEB Project Management allows you to strictly separate your company with the use of Multi-Tenancy. Each client has its own access and its own data. At no point in time one client can see data from the other client. If you dont need Multi-Tenancy you can just separate by location, department or individual groups.

However, if you do not want to be separated by client, you can assign the employees themselves, locations, departments and even individual groups.

Accounting programs

Our accounting programs or "macros" offer you the opportunity to map even more complex accounting methods. With conditions and the functions, you can influence normal billing in order to achieve the result you need.

E.g. in the case of a flextime cap that should only apply when different conditions are true. The macros offer a lot of scope for individual billing methods. And of course we are helping you to set this up.


You decide which user can use which function from the Krutec WEB Time Attendance. We differentiate between read and write permissions. You can set up these permissions for each menu item.

You can also assign a location, department or cost center to a user. After that, the user is only able to see and edit persons from this selection.

Wage interfaces

We offer you default wage interfaces for: Datev, Sage, SAP and more. In addition to wage interfaces, we also offer flexible interfaces, e.g. to ERP and project records.

Of course we can create an interface for other wage programs to your requirements. Please just let us know and contact us.


Natürlich passieren Fehler oder Mitarbeiter vergessen ihre Zeiten zu buchen. Darauf weißt Sie zum einen die Zeiterfassung hin und zum anderen können Sie diese Fehler entweder durch den Mitarbeiter selber korrigieren lassen in Form eines Korrekturantrages mit Hilfe des "Mitarbeiterportals" oder Sie korrigieren diese Fehler direkt in der Zeiterfassung.

Buchungen nachtragen, Kontenwerte überschreiben z.B. wenn Überstunden ausgezahlt werden sollen, ein anderes Tagesprogramm oder Pause zuordnen, das und noch viel mehr ist möglich.


28+ reports are available in the Krutec WEB Time Attendance. Your can chose which accounts and values to show on the reports by creating them and saving as a template to use them later again. Are you missing a specific report that you have always used? Then let us know. We will help you to get the report like you need it.

Promise for the future

Mit stetigen Updates die neue Funktionen, Verbesserungen, Fehlerbehebungen, Wünsche und natürlich gesetzliche Änderungen mitbringen, sind Sie mit der Krutec Software immer für die Zukunft sicher aufgestellt.

Durch unsere eigene Entwicklung können wir jederzeit auf Änderungen reagieren und diese in unsere Software implementieren.

The "Self-Service" for your employees

With the employee portal, your staff has a quick overview to see their own working hours, submit vacation requests, fill in overtime requests and view their own monthly report.

The employee portal includes the option of making online bookings, i.e. using the browser to make break bookings and it includes the display panel. With the display panel you have a real-time overview of which employees are currently present, absent and have not yet appeared at work. Also perfect for homeoffice.

More modules...
Because of the modular structure of our software you have the option of integrating additional modules at any time.
Cost center and projects

Record times on cost centers or let your employees book projects with activities. Always keep an eye on the times and costs.


With the Krutec WEB Personnelplanning you can quickly and easily plan your employees. Assign tasks or projects and shifts. Learn more about Personnelplanning.

Access Control

With the Krutec WEB Access Control you can also manage your rooms or doors, gates, barriers, turnstiles and much more. The Krutec WEB Access Control uses the same database as the Time Attendance, i.e. you do not need to re-create your employees and their data. Find out on our access page the advantages and extensive functions that our Access Control has.


Record time, see how easy it is!


Profi WEB Time Attendance

For medium to large companies

from 600 net

  • On-Premises (local installation)
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • 28+ reports
  • Wage-Interface
  • 2 months of free support
  • further modules optional
  • and much more...

Easy WEB Time Attendance

for small companies

from 560 net

  • Come & Go bookings
  • Time Attendance device TM 760bc
  • 1 month of free support

Cloud Time Attendance

The fastest & easiest way

from 4 / monthly

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Profi WEB Time Attendance
  • Homeoffice inclusive
  • no separate server necessary
  • Updates & Backups
  • Telephone & E-Mail Support
  • Ready to use quickly
  • Short introductory phase

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