Mobile Zeiterfassung / Homeoffice

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I-Term (Internet Terminal) Time recording with the browser

The I-Term is ideally suited for the home office. After the employee has logged in with his login data, he can log in or out from anywhere where the Internet is available. Additional functions such as breaks, smoking breaks, visits to the doctor, business trips, projects / orders or cost centres can be set as desired. Together with the “workflow”, Our absence planning via which employees can submit requests for vacation, for example, and the display panel that shows you which employee is currently present, absent or not yet, these software modules are created for home office use. Of course, you can only use these modules directly in your company network.

Tablet I-Term

Mobile App

Time and project bookings easily and quickly with smartphone

Einfache Erfassung der Kommt-Geht-Buchungen, Kostenstellen und/oder Projektdaten über eine App mit Android und iOS. Die Erfassung kann auch über Tablets erfolgen oder am PC über ein Browserterminal. Mit nur wenigen Einstellungen sind Sie mobil und erhalten zeitnah alle relevanten Daten. Sollte einmal kein Netz vorhanden sein, werden die Daten zwischengespeichert. Sobald die Verbindung wieder besteht, werden die Buchungen automatisch übermittelt.

Nutzen Sie die Krutec Smartphone App um von überall Ihre Buchungen zu erfassen und teilen Sie Ihren Vorgesetzen wichtige Information sowie Ihre Anwesenheit mit.

Mobile Time Attendance


Easy Time Attendance

The professional variant for medium-sized businesses. Installation and use on your server / PC.

Easy Time Attendance including:
• web-based
• Show overtime
• 3 Surcharges
• Absence planning
• Monthly report
• Account evaluation
• Export to Excel


Profi Time Attendance

The professional variant for medium-sized businesses. Installation and use on your server / PC.

Profi Time Attendance including:
• Unlimited surcharges
• A variety of reports
• Individual macro billing
• Tariff manager
• design cpmplex billing


Time Attendance

You have the option to buy our software once and then host it on our cloud server. You only pay for hosting and support from us every month

ab 4,00 EUR 
pro Mitarbeiter monatlich

Like Profi Time Attendance +:
• Running costs very low
• One-time acquisition costs
• Best price performance ratio


Time Attendance

Cloud Time Attendance is the easiest & fastest way to time recording, suitable for all company sizes. Installation and use in the Krutec Cloud

ab 8,00 EUR 
pro Mitarbeiter monatlich

Like Profi Time Attendance +:
⦁ No electricity costs
⦁ No server costs
⦁ Backups included
⦁ Updates included
⦁ Telephone & email support
⦁ Home office / online bookings

Hardware solution

Visit our hardware page to find suitable Time Attendance hardware or simply contact us.

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