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Krutec Softcon GmbH has been developing, selling and supporting its own software modules since 1995. More than 3.500 customers use our solutions. The parameterization is versatile and can therefore be used in all industries. We offer competent advice, as well as service through E-Mail and telephone, but also on site. Benefit from over 25 years of experience in software development. Together with our partners, we can offer you a solution that is second to none.

Software development

We patner with you for your success

Die Krutec SoftCon GmbH entwickelt, vertreibt und supportet eigene Softwareprodukte im Bereich:
  • Zeiterfassungssoftware: die Easy- und Profi- Time.
  • Zutrittssoftware: den Easy- und Profi- Zutritt, sowie weitere Sicherheitsmodule.
  • Projekterfassung: die Easy- und Profi- Projekterfassung.
  • WEB Applikationen: Bildschirm Anzeigetableau, Browserbuchungsmaske und Workflow.
  • Apps für die Zeit- und Projekterfassung sowie, Darstellungen für den Sicherheitsbereich.
  • Diverse Schnittstellen und Sonderprogrammierungen.

Hardware products

Together with our partners, we can provide the perfect solution for your requirement

In addition to offering software, Krutec Softcon GmbH also offers the associated hardware. Terminals, barriers, turnstiles and cameras are sold especially in the area of Time Attendance and access Control systems as well as in the area of surveillance. Since 2009, We mainly Source our Hardware from ZK Europe Ltd company, based in Madrid, Spain. As a general agency, the company procures Time Attendance and access Control Terminals, Cameras and Turnstiles from the Far East, which are destined for the European market. In addition to that, hardware products are also obtained from well-known suppliers such as Assa Abloy and Datafox from Germany.


Over 25 years expierence in software development 

The Electronics, Technician and Businessman Thomas Kruse founded a Software Company with a focus on Time Attendance and Access Control software in the initial phase of the electronic change in 1995. This culminated in 2003 into Krutec Softcon GmbH, a software company with software offers in the areas of Time Attendance and Access control systems as well as project management and WEB applications based in 28844 Weyhe, which was newly founded by the daughters Lena Kruse and Insa Kruse. The re-establishment took place on the background of an early age and succession regulation. As managing director, Mr. Thomas Kruse supports and accompanies the activities of Krutec Softcon GmbH to this day.

Our innovation

Continues development of our software

Web-based Software applications: This means that all software modules can now be used in every common browser. The installation only takes place on an internal IIS service from Microsoft or externally in the cloud. Installation is no longer required on the workstations. All that is required for web-based software is a common web browser. This is the optimal solution for any company with multiple locations. It works independently of the system and the software runs on a Windows, Linux or Apple-based system. The entry can be made worldwide using apps, a browser booking mask or using terminals. A high security standard with daily data backup is used in a German data center. Data access is permanently secured. The advantage: no software has to be installed in the company.