Requesting absences with the browser

Holiday Planner / Workflow

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Absence planning, Employee portal for paperless requests for absence and post-booking of times. Can only be used in together with Krutec time Attendance

Workflow including:
• Home/ office / online bookings
• Attendance overview display panel
• Optional for Time Attendance

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Homeoffice (I-Term)

Make online bookings and view hourly Reports. Perfect for the home office. Can only be used in together with Krutec time Attendance.

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Display Panel

You have the option to buy our software once and then host it on our cloud server. You only pay for hosting and support from us every month

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Mobile App

Make bookings using the mobile app. Online and offline. Optionally book projects or cost centers as well as record GPS coordinates.

Hardware solution

Visit our hardware page to find suitable Time Attendance hardware or simply contact us.

Make requests with the workflow

The Employee Portal

Simply, quickly and easily submit leave requests

Internal approval processes are simplified and paperless. The Informationsfluss in the enterprise is optimized, whereby also costs are reduced. Instead of filling out slips of paper or forms, employees submit vacation requests, overtime, business trips and booking corrections on the Workflow on screen. Via a previously defined approval structure, the requests are then forwarded to the appropriate approver(s). No request is lost and can be answered promptly. The employee portal is also completely web-based and can therefore be used with any standard browser from anywhere where you have Internet access.

The requester

Paperless vacation, booking, correction and Overtime management

The Employee himself, the so-called applicant, is kept up to date with his application directly in the workflow. It can be seen who is currently processing the application. In addition, the employee receives an email directly with every decision so that he is immediately up to date. In addition to submitting all imaginable absence applications, the employee can correct his own „booking errors“ with or without the application process. In addition, the employee receives an overview of his actual time, his overtime, his remaining vacation and other Accounts.

Business process workflow illustrating management approval

The Decider

Your employees have the option of viewing their own list via reports and lists

The department head or Supervisor, the so-called decision maker, is also informed of new applications by e-mail and sees them in his workflow with all the information he needs to make a decision. E.g. in the case of a vacation request about the applicant’s current vacation status, including his old vacation, his planned vacation and any other vacation that has already been requested. The note that the applicant entered when sending is also visible.

The Structure

Approver structure including Representative function

You can define each structure that an application should run through yourself and determine the applicant and the decision maker. A structure can have up to 6 decision-makers and each of them can have up to 4 representatives. If necessary, a separate structure can be stored for each absence, e.g. If Leave should be approved by the supervisor, but business trips by the accounting department.

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