Access Control

Wired, wireless, online or offline

Our Access Control compared


Easy Zutritt

The professional variant for medium-sized businesses. Installation and use on your server / PC.

Easy access Control including:
⦁ Web-based
⦁ For up to 9 doors
⦁ Access plans
⦁ A building plan
⦁ Evaluations
⦁ Does not support
knobs & fittings


Profi Zutritt

The professional variant for medium-sized businesses. Installation and use on your server / PC.

Like Easy Access +
⦁ Unlimited doors
⦁ Several buildings plan
⦁ Access plans and access groups
⦁ Suitable for staff, members and visitors
⦁ Visitor management optional


Access Control

You have the option to buy our software once and then host it on our cloud server. You only pay for hosting and support from us every month

ab 3,00 EUR 
pro Mitarbeiter monatlich

Like Profi Access Control including:
⦁ Running costs very low
⦁ One-time acquisition costs
⦁ Best price performance ratio


Access Control

Cloud Time Attendance is the easiest & fastest way to time recording, suitable for all company sizes. Installation and use in the Krutec Cloud

ab 6,00 EUR 
pro Mitarbeiter monatlich

Like Profi Zutritt +
⦁ No electricity costs
⦁ No server costs
⦁ Backups included
⦁ Updates included
⦁ Telephone & email support
⦁ In the event of a network failure, the hardware will still function

Hardware solution

Visit our hardware page to find suitable Time Attendance hardware or simply contact us.

Krutec WEB access

Largest range of applications. Best security for staff and buildings

Benefit from the areas of application of our software in authorities, construction sites, automobile manufacturers and their suppliers, as well as butchers, bakeries, car dealerships, fire departments, police and armed forces, logistics companies and many others. With the WEB access software and its hardware, virtually all areas of application can be covered and that to the complete satisfaction of our previous customers. Starting with doors, gates, barriers and turnstiles, turnstiles to long-range recognition and wireless radio technology, together we will find the perfect components for your request and take all the settings from you with the WEB access software.

Visual representation

Building plans, visitor plans, access plans and access groups

The WEB access software offers you the subdivision on different levels. You can either assign each person a “general” access plan and then assign “special” access authorizations via so-called access groups per person, or you can only use one of the two. A visual representation of which access group is allowed through which doors makes the assignment much easier. An authorization system in the software itself allows you to define which user is allowed to use which menu items.

Rear view of people near a round reception desk with columns by its sides. 3d rendering. Toned image. Mock up.

Visitor management

Building plans, visitor plans, access plans and access groups

Document when your visitors entered the site and when they left you. You can also provide visitors with visitor plans, for example to give craftsmen access to the premises. You can even use our “visitor registration” to allow your staff to register visitors in advance, so that only the essentials have to be checked at the entrance / reception and the visitor can start right away without wasting time.

Hand in hand with familiar hardware

Experienced and high-quality manufacturers Wired, wireless, online or offline

With our partners we have manufacturers of access hardware who understand their trade. We can offer and implement almost every imaginable solution. Starting with any door opening and closing, through barriers and turnstiles with lock function to opening gates without leaving the vehicle. Look in our access Control hardware section for possible solutions.

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