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Project Management

Zeiten und Kosten im Überblick behalten

Some functions in an overview


Starting with projects and activities that you can book, you can also expand this hierarchy. Create main projects and assign projects or create sub-projects and assign them to the projects.

Main project -> project -> sub-project -> activity

Am Projektterminal wählen Sie, je nach Einstellungen, dann das Projekt und die Tätigkeit aus. Legen Sie zudem fest, ob Pausen Ihrer Mitarbeiter die angebuchten Projekte unterbrechen sollen oder nicht.


In addition to the normal project booking, which automatically ends the previous project or activity, you also have the option of working with parallel bookings.
This gives you the possibility to run several projects and activities at the same time. Particularly useful for machine registration.


Nutzen Sie die Angabe von Stückzahlen, um auch die Menge Ihres Projekts im Blick zu behalten. Zusammen mit Meilensteinen und dem Stückzahlmonitor behalten Sie so immer in Echtzeit den Überblick über Ihre laufenden Projekte.

You can book quantities either on the project terminal or on the web terminal. Whether at the end of the job or in between or at the end of the day, it's up to you.


Similar to the "Quantities", you can only distribute sums to projects and activities. This is also possible with the project terminal and the web terminal.

Whether during the current project or afterwards, the project sum can be entered at any time.
An additional setting also makes it possible that only as much project sum can be booked as the employee has actually worked. This setting can be switched on and off.

Material and items

Manage articles and material with the Krutec WEB project registration. Assign items to projects and keep an eye on material costs.

EAN code, storage location, storage place, article number, unit and dimension, purchase and sales price can be assigned for each article. A self-designed article tree with sub-categories makes it easier for you to manage your articles.


100% web-based. This means that you only use our software with your existing web browser such as Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge, Apple Safari and many more.
There is no need to install the software on the workstations and at the same time you can access the software from anywhere you have internet access. An optimal solution, especially for homeoffice.

On-Premises / SaaS

Sie entscheiden, ob Sie unsere Software lokal auf Ihrem Server installiert haben wollen oder bei uns gehostet oder komplett bei uns in der Cloud. Sie erhalten in allen Fällen, egal wofür Sie sich entscheiden, die gleiche Software.

25 years of experience

Mit über 25 Jahren Erfahrung sind wir mit allen Regelungen, die eine Zeit- und Projekterfassung mit sich bringen muss, vertraut. Durch die individuellen Einstellmöglichkeiten haben sich so immer alle Regelungen und Wünsche unserer Kunden abbilden lassen.

Project monitor

Behalten Sie den Überblick über Ihre Projekte. Im Projektmonitor ist ersichtlich wie weit Ihre Projekte vorangeschritten sind. Sie haben einen Vergleich zwischen Soll und Ist, zudem wird Ihnen die Differenz und der Faktor in % ausgegeben. Nutzen Sie zudem noch unsere Meilensteinfunktion, wird Ihnen der Meilenstein ebenfalls mit einer Ampel dargestellt.

In the project monitor, you can select projects that have been approved, completed and booked today. Together with the date selection, you only have an overview of the projects that you want to see.

Quantities monitor

Similar to the project monitor, you can also display the finished and planned quantities per project in the quantity monitor. 

With the help of a recalculation, you can also see directly how the produced quantities will affect the overall project.

Customers & Suppliers

You can store a customer for each project. You can enter all master data of the customer and also note a contact person. You can then select the customer in the smartphone app and see the projects assigned to these customer.

In the project evaluations, you can then specifically evaluate the projects of a customer and, see the hours worked on this customer with all the projects.

Pre- and post-calculation

A constant comparison between the preliminary and final costing shows you your costs directly on the screen. Including material, wage and ancillary costs.

Import and export interface

Import projects and activities as well as the target time for the activities directly from an existing system into our software.

In the same way, export projects, activities and the hours run on them in order to process them further in an existing system.

We can also expand our interfaces to meet your requirements.


10+ lists are available in the Krutec WEB project recording.

Starting with project evaluations whose sorting and filtering you can set, to sum evaluations, a target / actual comparison, productive times of your employees, barcode lists that allow you to scan projects and activities at the project terminal with a barcode hand scanner and more.


The Krutec WEB Project Management allows you to strictly separate your company with the use of Multi-Tenancy. Each client has its own access and its own data. At no point in time one client can see data from the other client. If you dont need Multi-Tenancy you can just separate by location, department or individual groups.

However, if you do not want to be separated by client, you can assign the employees themselves, locations, departments and even individual groups.

Promise for the future

Mit stetigen Updates die neue Funktionen, Verbesserungen, Fehlerbehebungen, Wünsche und natürlich gesetzliche Änderungen mitbringen, sind Sie mit der Krutec Software immer für die Zukunft sicher aufgestellt.

Durch unsere eigene Entwicklung können wir jederzeit auf Änderungen reagieren und diese in unsere Software implementieren.

Why you need a digital Project Management?
You save time and money in the short term. No more entering handwritten project notes into a program or distributing the hours between individual activities.
Plan your projects, let your employees book these projects and then evaluate them. A project registration pays for itself after a very short time and you can invest the saved time where it is really needed.

We would be happy to go through your requirements with you and advise you personally.
More modules...
Because of the modular structure of our software you have the option of integrating additional modules at any time. Our Time Attendance Software is needed for the Project Management.
Time Attendance

As the main program, time recording offers you the opportunity to create and manage staff in addition to recording times and all bookings.


With the Krutec WEB Personnelplanning you can quickly and easily plan your employees. Assign tasks or projects and shifts. Learn more about Personnelplanning.

Access Control

With the Krutec WEB Access Control you can also manage your rooms or doors, gates, barriers, turnstiles and much more. The Krutec WEB Access Control uses the same database as the Time Attendance, i.e. you do not need to re-create your employees and their data. Find out on our access page the advantages and extensive functions that our Access Control has.


Record time, see how easy it is!

Notebook ITerm

from every PC or Notebook

Log in from anywhere where you have internet access and record your working and project times.

For your company location

The classic method for time and project recording. Permanently mounted and always ready for use, optionally with handheld barcode scanner.

available for iOS & Android

The mobile solution for time and project recording. Recording times is possible from anywhere.


Profi WEB Project

For medium to large companies

from 900 net

  • On-Premises (local installation)
  • Multi-Tenancy
  • Deeper hierarchy
  • 10+ reports
  • Import and export interface
  • 2 months of free support
  • further modules optional
  • and much more...

Easy WEB Project

for small companies

ab 630 net

  • Projects and activities
  • Webterminal
  • alternatively project terminal
  • 1 month of free support

Cloud Project

The fastest & easiest way

from 6 / monthly

  • Software-as-a-Service (SaaS)
  • Profi WEB Project
  • Profi WEB Time Attendance
  • inclusive Webterminal
  • no separate server necessary
  • Updates & Backups
  • Telephone & E-Mail Support
  • Ready to use quickly
  • Short introductory phase
You have questions?
We would be happy to inform and advise you personally.

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